Effects of Kratom

Like the other medicinal herbs, the effects of Kratom vary from people to people depending on the strain used, their body chemistry, weight, diet, and tolerance level. This herb is used a medicine to treat depression, coughs, high blood pressure, pain, diarrhea, diabetes, anxiety, and improve sexual performance.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is a botanical drug that is famous all over the world. It is especially typical in Southeast Asia tropics such as Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. More also, it is dating many centuries back at the time it was used traditionally by many farmers. It was assisting in getting more energy, especially while people were busy working in the fields.

Kratom Effects at High Dosage

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Kratom dosage may be ranging from around 5-8 grams. However, the dosage usually depends on the amount of dosage used on a given individual. For kratom extract of pure nature, a dosage around 2-6 g is a bit high. While kratom is taken at this dosage, kratom effects are much more sedating.

Inducing Sleep

When kratom is taken in a higher dosage, it helps individuals to sleep. In most cases, many people who are suffering from chronic pain prefer taking kratom at the high dosage at night to ensure they get some sleep. However, when the dosage is take in a high dosage for a long time, it leads to various side effects.

Less Sensitivity

An individual who is administering a higher dosage is a bit less sensitive to emotional and physical pain; Other influences are usually including calmness and comfortable pressure feeling besides having a slower brain activity.

Kratom Side Effects


Many people experience stimulating effects when they take high doses of kratom strains such as Maeng Da and Thai. The best way of avoiding a headache is by taking over-the-counter medications or even taking lower kratom doses.



This is among the main side effects of kratom. Though nausea will not be affecting all individuals, there are people who are highly susceptible to it, especially while taken at a high dosage, which is above 8 grams. Besides, many people end up experiencing nausea cessation immediately through vomiting unintentionally or intentionally. Moreover, nausea is very common among first-time users.


This is a common problem that is experienced by people who are using kratom for long periods. Though constipation may be stopped through the use of counter medicine, it might end up catching most of the individuals by surprise. Besides, an illness may end up getting mild unless one is susceptible to it.

Those are the many side effects that result from taking high doses of kratom. Therefore, ensure you are taking the right dosage, and you will have surety of avoiding the various side effects.