What You Need to Know about RAD-140

Rad-140 or testolone is one of the favorites and most effective SARMs.

Many users claim that this product has helped them increase in strength and lean mass. This is one of the main reason why it is widely used in building community.  It has a high anabolic to androgen ratio, making it one of the most useful mass builders. Its popularity has skyrocketed within months in bodybuilding and athletic circles due to its numerous benefits.

Surprisingly Health Benefits of Rad-140

It Boosts Strength

a man with strong muscles

Testolone is known for offering dramatic strengths gains. Taking this product will enable you to set a new 1RM record and cruise through plateaus. As a bodybuilder or fitness enthusiasts, this product can give you the power of lifting more weights even after cruising your last set. Rad-140 is of the products that give the people an insane motivation. It can also give you more strength and make you feel more aggressive when lifting weights.

Increase Muscle Mass

Initially, Rad-140 was used as an effective remedy for muscle wasting. Studies done on primates have also shown that this product can lead to an increase in lean muscle mass. Anecdotal reviews also claim that people can increase their dry lean mass by 6-8 pounds after taking Rad-140 for about six weeks.  That’s pure gains.  Initially, your body might gain more water and glycogen, but it will ultimately end up with more lean muscles.


human brain-cognitive function

The cognitive performance in human beings declines with age. This is why you find some of the middle-aged men having a challenge of remembering the small things which they used to do more often in their lives. A decline in cognitive performance mainly attributed to a decrease in the levels of testosterone in their bodies.  This condition can be managed and treated with exogenous tests, but this can increase the risks of prostate cancer.

Research has proven that Rad-140 is an effective remedy for androgen-responsive tissues related conditions. In fact, it is more effective than testosterone. In general, Rad-140 has potent neuroprotective properties that make it useful in improving cognitive functioning.

Promotes Endurance

This can be described in different ways. Some people refer to it as controlled aggression which increases endurance. As an athlete, you can become stronger and faster by taking this product before participating in field events.